Czech Life and Institutions Exam – Test Question Database

This Test Question Database contains all of the test questions for the Czech Life and Institutions Exam. The test questions are divided up into three areas and a total of 30 topics:

In the Czech Life and Institutions Exam, each of the 30 topics is represented by 1 test question. More information about the topics can be found in the Specifications.

Each test question comprises the question itself and 4 alternative answers:

  • The task is usually in the form of a question and it may include a statement, text, table or picture.
  • The use of a negative in the test question is always underlined.
  • Each test question has 4 alternative answers
    • 1 answer is always correct
    • 3 answers are always incorrect
    • The answer may be in the form of a text or a picture.


  • The test questions assume you have attained a B1 language proficiency level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • In addition to the official two-word designation Czech Republic (Česká republika), the one word geographic designation Czechia (Česko) is also used.
  • If the test question uses the word citizen (občan), this refers to a Czech citizen of either gender.
  • The term citizen (občan) is used in the test question to mean a Czech citizen or a person living in the Czech Republic.
  • The content of the test questions complies with the new Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Coll.).
  • Names and surnames (e.g., pan Novák, paní Svobodová, slečna Novotná) used in the sample situations are only examples and do not refer to real people.
  • As facts may change over time, the Test Question Database is updated and supplemented on an ongoing basis.
  • The exclusive copyright holder is the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic (NPI CR).
  • All test questions for the Czech Life and Institutions Exam can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Instructions for using the Test Question Database

  1. Click on the title of the area (e.g. Občanský základ).
    • all of the topics in this area will appear
    • if you want to show all of the tasks in the databank, click on the button EXPAND ALL
  2. Click on the topic (e.g., Zvyky a tradice).
    • all test questions on this topic will appear
  3. Try to answer the test questions.
    • click on 1 alternative
  4. Check whether your choice is correct.
    • a green tick next to the task means a correct solution
    • a red cross next to the task means an incorrect solution
    • the correct answer is also shown after clicking on the text Správná odpověď?
  5. Continue with the next question.
  6. Review all of the test questions.
  7. Practice the correct answer.
  8. Use the function of the so-called advisor.
    • if you put the mouse on a word marked in blue in the online databank, the meaning of the word is shown